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Vector was designed and built by several litigation partners to solve the problems posed by their own caseloads and client demands.  The Vector team and its Strategic Advisors have worked at, with, and against many of the world’s best law firms and most sophisticated in-house legal departments—and repeatedly noted industry-wide frustration with the existing litigation management products.

Despite the litigation industry’s size and sophistication, before Vector, there was no standard legal architecture to structure, organize, and analyze the components of a case, and no collaborative litigation platform to enable multiple stakeholders to work together.

Using a proprietary litigation architecture that is based on federal and state rules of civil procedure, Vector simplifies litigation tracking, organization, and management.  Through its cloud-based, collaborative tool, Vector provides all stakeholders with instant access to critical case information.

Vector frees attorneys and corporate clients from relying on calls, emails, memos, and spreadsheets to understand the status of their cases.  Vector gives corporate clients immediate visibility into case status for all cases (whether handled internally, by one outside firm, or by multiple outside co-counsel). Vector allows law firms to decrease non-billable administrative tasks, better manage institutional knowledge, and improve client experiences. With Vector, law firms, attorneys, and in-house counsel will save hours of time every week, significantly lower administrative costs, and can focus on results instead of case management.



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