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Introducing the Vector Blog

Seema Tendolkar - Aug 2, 2017 9:49:18 AM

Welcome to the Vector Legal Method Blog, the blog and newsroom for Vector Legal Method, a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) solution provider for the litigation industry.

The name Vector comes from our goal to provide a map and plan to navigate the complexities of
litigation. Just as pilots and air traffic controllers use vectoring to navigate, guide, and fly
planes, Vector provides litigators and paralegals the ability to successfully plan for and navigate
through multiple cases simultaneously. Vector was designed by lawyers for lawyers.

Vector’s co-founders, investors, and strategic advisors have personally struggled to efficiently
and effectively organize, track, and manage their cases, and designed Vector to solve their own
problems. We know the challenges litigation attorneys and paralegals face each day, and
deployed our knowledge and experience to build Vector to address the unique needs of the
litigation market.

Even those peripherally involved in litigation know that the volume of filed and served
documents in any case can multiply exponentially. Law firms and clients—and the individual
attorneys and paralegals within them—are often forced to manually search for documents
pertaining to a case, or, worse, bounce between multiple applications (email, calendars, Word,
Excel, document management, practice management, etc.) to find what they need. Similarly,
managing and locating task and deadline lists, calendars, case team notes, and updates can be an
uphill battle and a project of its own. Vector’s founders are well aware that case management is
time consuming, frustrating, and unsatisfying—and they created Vector to confront and solve
these problems.

In this Blog, we will share best practices for how attorneys and paralegals (both within law firms
and in-house) can simplify their workday, save hours of time each week, decrease frustration,
and more effectively communicate and collaborate. We will highlight innovative tools,
strategies, and insights, along with implementation techniques. We will also share news and
releases pertaining to Vector, as well as details about how our customers are utilizing Vector to
save time, decrease costs, increase productivity, and strengthen relationships.
We encourage you to subscribe to our Blog so you can be kept up-to- date on these topics.

Thanks for reading!

Topics: Litigation Case Management- Vector Legal Method

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