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Vector Legal Method Announces Release of Litigation Management Platform

Seema Tendolkar - Feb 6, 2018 9:49:55 AM
Vector Legal Method's latest press release on the launch of our litigation management platform.

Vector is the first case management platform that meets the needs of both companies and law firms that have a substantial litigation practice

Vector Legal Method Inc. announced today the release of Vector, a new cloud-based software solution that allows attorneys and clients to work together to efficiently manage their caseloads. Vector provides in-house counsel immediate visibility into the status of all cases, whether handled internally, by an outside firm or by multiple outside firms. Vector allows law firms to better manage institutional knowledge, decrease administrative tasks and improve client experiences. Vector utilizes the following features:

  • Global Dashboard - a snapshot of the user's entire caseload, as well as easy access to documents, tasks, deadlines and calendars.
  • Vector LENS - a one-of-a-kind litigation architecture which removes the hassle of searching for documents. The Vector LENS organizes filings and discovery tools so users can track case progression and find what they need, quickly.
  • Case Log - a chronological record of every document filed or served in a case, with simple filtering and search tools.
  • Case Journal - stores and communicates significant notes and updates, quieting email traffic and reducing phone calls.   
  • Case Deadlines - a chronological list of all case level deadlines, as well as the date, owner and category, making organizing and prioritizing easy.
  • Customizable Calendar - flexibility to sync, filter, sort and view upcoming events, prioritize tasks and deadlines and collaborate with team members.
  • Tasks - a “to-do list” that can be viewed, edited and updated by team members, so that work is distributed and completed in the most effective way. 

“I was a litigator for almost 15 years, including at two of the top AM Law 100 firms. Having a solution like Vector would have entirely changed my practice and workflow on a day-to-day basis. The ability to manage my caseload in one platform, without switching between multiple software solutions, and the opportunity to give clients instant access to their files would have saved time, reduced costs and eliminated frustration for all stakeholders," said Vector Legal Method co-founder and GC Seema Tendolkar.

“I've been in the legal technology space for over 20 years, and have co-founded three companies. I have learned firsthand about the limitations of existing software solutions and, in my experience, there is no litigation case management product that comes even close to Vector in meeting the needs of both in-house counsel and law firms. Vector brings transparency and efficiency to litigation, not to mention cost savings for both law firms and in-house legal departments," added Vector Legal Method co-founder and CEO Thadd Hale.

To learn more about the Vector or to schedule a demonstration, visit

About Vector Legal Method:

Vector Legal Method is a cloud-based litigation case management solution, designed by lawyers for lawyers. Using a proprietary litigation architecture that is based on federal and state rules of civil procedure, Vector simplifies litigation tracking, organization and management. Through its cloud-based, collaborative tool, Vector provides all stakeholders with instant access to critical case information. Vector Legal Method Inc. is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. For more information, visit

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